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I am able to offer moblie application development for both the Android and iOS platforms no matter the size, capabilities and requirements of your app I can make it work for at a great price. if this is what you are looking for get in touch by using the button below right now!

Web Apps

I have lots of experience in Website Development and can get you up and running with a website in next to no time at all with front-end and also with back end development if you need the capabilities of a Database. Contact me now

E-Commerce Apps

I also offer development for E-Commerce applications and websites with full functioning databases and the ability to create new products and offers to what ever your application needs and the ability to easily edit the products you have available without having to get a developer in to make the changes for you. I can get you online very fast with this package so get in touch with me now to find out about pricing and features.

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About Gary Baker

I am a 23 year old Software Developer who makes Android and iOS applications and websites and I am studying at AMES IT in Auckland City, New Zealand and have studied Website Development at Yoobee School of Design. I am able to build full scale E-Commerce Websites along with smaller scale websites to get you online quickly and easily. I also offer the ability to develop Native Mobile Applications for both Android and iOS.

Click Here to view my Android Application called Shake a Quote.

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